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"Longevity is only desirable if it prolongs being young, not drags out being old." Alex Carrel

The ageing process affects us all. However, only about 20% of life expectancy is genetically determined. The large remainder is determined by our behaviour, lifestyle and environment. Our mission is to provide the following services through clinically proven, evidence-based longevity/biohacks and a network of experts:

  • optimisation of physical functions.
  • minimise age-related diseases.
  • slowing down the ageing process.

The goal is to be a stronger, healthier and happier version of oneself and thus to spend one's individual lifetime in the best possible health and vitality. Whether that is 80 years or 100 years is generally irrelevant, although good health is naturally associated with longer life expectancy.


André Metzger

Founder & Health Enthusiast

Dr. Guénolé Addor

Consultant in longevity, anti-aging and personalized medicine, FMH specialist in Anesthesiology and FMH specialist in Intensive Care Medicine

Alexander Sahmel

Medical Advisor & specialist for integrative infusion therapy


Developed out of passion for a vital life

Hyperbaric Oxygen

Fully automated premium pressure chambers for hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT)

Multi Biohacking System

Energy refueling station for the whole body with negative ions, photobiomodulation and far infrared (FIR).

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Whole body cryotherapy boosts the immune system and vitality.

FLOW System

Passive vascular training and lymphatic drainage


Cell regeneration with 6-dimensional pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

Triple Detox Booster

Triple detox effect through far infrared (FIR), plasma and light therapy

Endothel Guard

Endothelial stimulation and stimulation of nitric oxide (NO) production by cardio-synchronous pulse therapy.

Neuro Relaxation

Deep relaxation and modification of neural pathways through binaural vibro-acoustic meditation.

Cryo Plunge

Cryotherapy according to old Finnish tradition - modern, versatile and space-saving


Innovative, fast and comprehensive 3-dimensional body analysis system.


Offer & turn-key longevity concepts

  • Prevention

  • Regeneration

  • Detox

  • Rejuvenation

  • Recovery

  • Performance

  • Relaxation

  • Rehabilitation

  • Protection


Network access

Thanks to our many years of market experience, we have been able to build up sound product know-how as well as a national and international network of relationships with specialists and manufacturers. We help you find what you are looking for to ensure optimal longevity.

Project support

After placing the order, we take care of all the clarifications so that you can sit back and look forward to your investment. We are also happy to help with obtaining quotations for third-party products, their import and installation.

Conception & Realisation

With our specialists, we project and realise exclusive longevity lounges in the premium segment (business & private).

Health, nutrition and orthomolecular medicine counselling

To help you achieve your own personal health goals, our specialists accompany you holistically with customised, measurable and evidence-based health, relaxation, nutrition and micronutrient concepts. All pillars of health are taken into account: Nutrition, exercise, sleep and relaxation, psychological well-being.

Health Retreats

From individual treatments to day- and cure-stays. Our specialists are happy to accompany you with personalised and unique health services.

Know-how transfer

Further education offers from experts for experts and exciting health events for all those interested in their personal longevity.



Max Lungarella


ddrobotec's mission is to inspire the world's transition to socially responsible health technology by creating data-driven robotic personal trainers and cloud-based digital tools.


Sammy Gharieni

Gharieni Group

Gharieni is more than just an equipment manufacturer. We strive to provide our customers with an exceptional wellness and health experience. That is why we are constantly looking for new technologies and concepts from which to deliver unparalleled high-end equipment for unforgettable treatment innovations and results.


Berny Huber

Fit³ GmbH

As a leading manufacturer and provider of combination high-tech in the field of training, figure management and anti-ageing, Fit³ opened the first anti-ageing centre and microstudio in 2000. Among other things, they shaped the Power Plate® brand in Switzerland since 2001 and helped to further develop the technology. Our primary goal is the feasibility of the measures with the focus on saving time, increasing the effect, minimising side effects and integrating them into the individual's everyday life. The actual state and the desired goal of our clients require different technologies. Fit³ takes care of naturally triggered body improvements (BIO Hacking) with a focus on myokine and anabolic hormone releases for cell building through epigenetics. The focus is on self-healing, metabolic activation, physical and psychological well-being for a better quality of life into old age.


Oliver Kasper

Cryodukt AG

Cryodukt is the first and only cryotherapy centre in Zurich with an electrically operated high-performance cryo chamber with REAL temperatures down to -110°C. Through a transnational research cooperation between Germany and Switzerland, Cryodukt is an integral part of cryotherapy research in Europe. In our modern cryo therapy center at the Viadukt, you can boost your fitness and performance, support your pain relief, strengthen your immune system, ensure a better and firmer complexion or simply refresh your mood.


Daniel Wirth

fit & wellness concept gmbh

At fit & wellness concept, we advise and accompany our customers in the realisation of their dream project. As a leading provider of ideas and implementations for commercial and private and wellness and health facilities, our solutions are characterised by extravagance, elegance, innovation and great attention to detail. Our strengths include a holistic realisation concept with fully comprehensive support.


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